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Zhejiang LILY Underwear Co., Ltd .: Let the party flag fly on the front line

Company News
2020/02/27 09:34
Since the company resumed work and resumed production, the party branch of Zhejiang Lailai Underwear Co., Ltd. has given full play to the role of a fortress and a model vanguard of party members. With solid work style and strict prevention and control measures, it has escorted the epidemic prevention and control and resumed production. Explains the profound connotation of "do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission".
On February 8, in the severe epidemic situation, the company's party branch convened a meeting through WeChat to study and deploy the company's epidemic prevention and control and resume work and resume production. Twelve members of the Gold Party actively responded to the call of the branch and asked for the hardest positions. The hardest job.
鲜 In front of Zhejiang Lilai Underwear Co., Ltd., the bright red party flag fluttered in the wind. Because the guards have limited strength, there are many employees in the factory area, and the period of temperature measurement and information registration takes a long time during peak hours of work. In order to allow employees to enter the factory faster, the company's party members are in groups of four and take turns to the gate every day to help carry out temperature measurement.
The company's general manager Yang Rong said that party members are very enthusiastic. Wherever there is a shortage of people, they go to the top. With the help of party members, the time for employees to enter the factory has been significantly reduced.
员工 Foreign employees need to observe at home after returning, who will serve their lives during this period? The company's party branch immediately formed a volunteer service group for party members to provide services for home observation staff.
3 On February 23, at 3 pm, party members Wu Jinlan and Wu Baoxiang came to the company's dormitory building to measure the temperature of Wang Taoyan, an employee on the fourth floor. Wu Jinlan shouted downstairs in the dormitory: "Wang Taoyan, we are the volunteer service team of the party members, it is time to take a temperature measurement, please put down the rope!"
"OK", soon, Wang Taoyan slowly lowered the rope from the 4th floor. Wu Jinlan put the prepared thermometer into a black plastic bag and tied the bag to a rope.
Wu Baoxiang, who was aside, asked: "Wang Taoyan, are you unwell? Cough or fever? Are there any difficulties in your life?" "No", after Wang Taoyan answered, she slowly lifted the rope up. After getting the thermometer, Wang Taoyan measured her temperature and then reported to the downstairs: "36 degrees".
Each morning and afternoon, the Party Member Volunteer Service Team will take the body temperature of each employee who observes the home, records and reports it upward. Party member Lou Jianhong said that the company's party branch is trying to play a vanguard and exemplary role, allowing party members to rush the front line of epidemic prevention and return to work.
A branch is a fort, a party member is a banner, and a post is a benchmark. "In the face of the epidemic, the company's party members went forward bravely, guided all employees to strengthen their confidence and overcome the difficulties together, and built an indestructible epidemic prevention and control copper wall and iron wall. On the premise of ensuring the health and safety of employees, they blasted the charge of resuming work and resuming production. Practiced the original intention and mission of the Communists with actual actions. "Yang Rong gave thumbs up to all party members in the company.