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Zhejiang LILY Underwear organizes staff to explore the secrets of Jiande Jiangnan-Jiande Qili sailing group

2020/02/27 09:32
"Best landscape in the world, rich spring in ancient and modern." The seven miles of Jiangnan's secret realm is known as the "Little Three Gorges". In order to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for life and work, at the same time to promote communication and exchanges between various departments, and to enrich the amateur cultural and entertainment life of employees. On the 18th of May, Zhejiang Lilai Underwear Co., Ltd. organized employees to start a journey to build a seven-mile sailing group in Jiande.
On the morning of May 18th, everyone gathered in the company and set off all the way to the seven miles of Jiande, sailing and enjoying the poetic and picturesque scenery of the ancient paintings of Fuchun Mountain, walking on the canyon, visiting the gourd waterfall, and enjoying Yanling culture. The company organizes group tour activities for employees, which not only enables employees to work between the landscape and the busy work, but also allows everyone to further communicate and understand, and work together in the future to make a strong contribution to the company Your own strength.