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Zhejiang LILY underwear passed the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise"

2020/02/27 09:32
In April 2019, Zhejiang Lilai Underwear Co., Ltd. won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology and other units.
It is reported that the "National High-tech Enterprise" is a comprehensive assessment and recognition of the company's core independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, research and development organizational management level, growth indicators, talent structure research, and research funding input. With the company's full support and the strong support of the leadership, the technical department, the financial department, the office and other departments worked together to complete the preparation of the data for more than four months. Due to the high threshold of national high-tech enterprises, it is determined that they must pass the strict evaluation and approval procedures of the Ministry of Science and Technology. After data submission, expert review, financial and taxation department review, and social publicity procedures, our company was finally approved for national high-tech with its strong technical strength. Enterprise identification.
The achievement of the honor of "high-tech enterprise" of Zhejiang Lilai underwear is not only the recognition and recognition of the company's ability and overall technical level in the professional field of the underwear industry by the government at all levels, but also the company's indispensable technology. Gold word signboard. The company will take this as an opportunity to continue to focus on the principles of R & D facing the market and technology service market, further improve the ability of independent innovation, further enhance the company's brand image, continue to strengthen research and development investment, improve technological innovation capabilities, improve service levels, and give full play to high-tech The advantages and role models of technology companies take the lead in helping customers improve quality, create lasting product competitiveness, and create new and better conditions for the company to develop better and faster.