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Warm congratulations to Huang Xuxiao, Chairman of Yaqian Group, on her honorary title of "Chinese Underwear Craftsman"

2020/02/27 09:31
From April 20th to 22nd, 2019, the "101st China Needle Cotton Fair (referred to as the Needle Fair)" hosted by the China Textile Business Association kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At this conference, Ya Qian Group stood out from many companies, and Chairman Huang Xuxiao deeply worked in the underwear industry, winning by quality, winning by virtue of independent innovation and own brands, forming a competitive advantage, and developing global strategic development. At the same time, it is guided by fully satisfying domestic and foreign markets and user needs, and has leading the industry in comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence. In the end, in this authoritative industry arena, he was awarded the "China Underwear Craftsman" award by the China Textile Business Association. At the forum on the day, President Peng Guifu of the China Textile Association's Underwear Committee praised Yaxi Group for its tremendous contribution to the innovation of the textile industry.
The China Needle Association is a comprehensive professional textile and clothing exhibition sponsored by the China Textile Business Association and guided by the Ministry of Commerce.It is hailed by the textile and apparel industry as a vane for industry development, an incubator for brand growth, and a leader in fashion trends. The most influential professional exhibition. At the national level exhibition and the industry's highest level stage, Ya Qian Group lived up to expectations, with the largest crowds, the largest venues, the most exquisite fabric exhibition in the exhibition gathered by the elite. This time the Ya Qiang Group went to Shanghai, the demon city, to show at the Chinese Needle Club, which not only showed the company's increasing strength, but also gained many awards from the Chinese Needle Club. As a underwear textile manufacturer with a leading Chinese brand, Ya Qian Group, as a standard-setting unit participating in the Chinese textile underwear industry, will adhere to independent innovation, high-quality development, and face new opportunities and challenges. To promote the development of China's textile and underwear industry as its mission, to spread the Ya Qian brand to the world, made in China; march forward to the "dream of a strong country in the underwear industry"!