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Create a learning organization to help companies grow

2020/02/27 09:30
For an enterprise with a long history, talent is the foundation. How to discover talents creatively, cultivate talents, use talents, and develop talents is a key issue for talents to strengthen enterprises. In order to build a talent organization in 2019, Zhejiang Lailai Underwear has established long-term talent training cooperation with Jianfeng Enterprise Management College to build the company's talent training system in the form of field teaching and online teaching.
Beginning in March 2019, the company's expatriate management staff went to Jianfeng College to study IE engineering, and internally organized employees to conduct online learning "Joy at Work", "Conscientious 5S", "Facing Problems, Creative Thinking" and other series The course has more than 720 trainees, creating a strong learning atmosphere for everyone. Through a series of training and learning, not only improves the working ability of employees, but also effectively improves the overall quality of the company and achieves the company's development goals.
In the future, the company will continue to create all possible conditions for the construction of the talent system, so that the talents in various positions can be professionally improved, and provide a strong guarantee for the company's sustainable and healthy development. All employees should continue to learn by themselves, improve their own working ability, combine the improvement of personal ability with the company's development strategy, and contribute their strength to the company's development and growth.