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Zhejiang LILY Underwear Co., Ltd


26 years of professional customization experience

Zhejiang LILY Underwear Co., Ltd was established in 1994. The company has more than 2,000 employees. The company's products include bras, panties, four seasons regular underwear, home wear, swimwear, camisole, shapewear, yoga wear, women's underwear and other full range of underwear products. It is a collection of product development, design, production, sales It is a large-scale comprehensive underwear company that currently has three major production bases: Zhejiang Lilai Underwear Co., Ltd., Jiangsu YaXi Underwear Co., Ltd. and Myanmar YaXi Clothing Co., Ltd .; it owns four major brands-YaXi, Asdet, JUST FOR YOU, You lemon women's clothing, operating more than 1,200 brand stores nationwide.


The company has introduced the United States Gerber bed cutting system, ZSXI-190 West Island automatic cloth spreader, existing Japanese brothers (BROTHER), heavy machinery (JUKI), Santoni seamless underwear loom and other world-leading underwear production equipment, HANˊS LASER laser engraving machine, automatic lock back buckle machine and other production auxiliary equipment. Established a complete set of advanced management systems including ERP information management, OA paperless office system, etc. Actively promote "6S" on-site management and "PDCA", "QCC" and other advanced management models. Since 2002, the company has passed the certifications of ISO900-2000 quality management system, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system OHSAS18001: 1999 occupational health and safety management system, etc .; the company has gradually started to build information and intelligent factories in 2016, and continuously improved the core competition of the enterprise force. After 25 years of development, as a leading enterprise in the Chinese underwear industry, Ya Qian has comprehensively created the theme of the era of innovation and creation, comprehensively promoted the innovation-driven development strategy, and deeply integrated into the "Made in China 2025" strategy. The research and development center of the company's technology department continuously develops new products, making continuous innovations in technological breakthroughs. In April 2019, it introduced the American Gerber AccuNark automatic plate making system and AccuNest automatic hyper-composition system, two super powerful software systems.


    As a comprehensive company, YaXi Group is positioned globally and actively implements its internationalization strategy. It regularly participates in the world's largest international underwear events such as Paris, France, and New York, and grasps the top international design concepts and fashion elements in time. It always focuses on underwear. Independent innovation and research and development in the field are oriented to fully meet domestic and foreign markets and user needs, and the industry has comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence. Because it is dedicated, professional, and quality enduring, the company has established long-term cooperative relationships with many internationally renowned international brands such as Victoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret, H & M, Iger, and Disney. At the same time, it has won a number of European and American customers Awarded "Outstanding Supply Chain Management Pioneer Award". YaXi Group pursues quality, adheres to integrity, deeply cultivates independent brand construction, and wins the reputation and reputation of global partners with high-quality products and perfect services, and makes the world fall in love with Chinese brands.

Let the world fall in love with Chinese brands

High-quality products and perfect service win the
reputation and reputation of global partners

Classic brand


Each unit contains artistic inspiration and superior quality.
The concise and concise fabric has a look of expectation in the meaning of deliberate penetrability. The extraordinary design integrates the connotation of traditional culture, and it is more graceful and noble.
The concept of humanity is always dedicated to the perfect blend of products and human needs, carefully considering the design from the perspectives of environment, temperament, climate, habits, etc., pursuing comfortable and natural, as thoughtful and caring as caring.

Details make perfect

Details make perfect, because, what determines success or failure,
Not the details themselves, but the details behind them,
Perseverance in pursuit of excellence.